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Load configuration in any sane format

Some prefer JSON, some prefer YAML. Some even prefer XML... why not allow them all and let the user decide?

Kingconf loads configuration from any of the following formats: - json: A JSON as a key/value store. - yaml: A Yaml file. - xml: An XML file. It should contain a root element which can be called anything. - ini: The PHP .ini format. - php: Plain ol' PHP (return ['key' => 'value'] format).


Composer (recommended)

$ cd /path/to/project
$ composer require monomelodies/kingconf



Create a Monomelodies\Kingconf\Config object with one or more config file paths as the constructor arguments:


use Monomelodies\Kingconf\Config;

$config = new Config('/path/to/json', '/path/to/ini');

Note that the first value found is leading, i.e. if in the above example the JSON defines foo = bar and the ini foo = baz, foo will remain bar.

The resulting $config object simply extends PHP's ArrayObject, so you can access it like any other array:


echo $config['foo']; // (string)"bar"

Errors and exceptions

Kingconf will throw exceptions if config files can't be read, contain invalid syntax etc. So, if you can't be sure about the contents (e.g. user submitted data) be sure to wrap the constructor in a try/catch block:


use Monomelodies\Kingconf\Config;
use Monomelodies\Kingconf\Exception;

try {
    $config = new Config($some_file_we_dont_trust);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "Config invalid!!!1";

Note that user submitted configuration is probably best handled in a different manner though...

All Kingconf exceptions extend Monomelodies\Kingconf\Exception, which in turn extends DomainException.